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BEARFACE ® Canadian Whisky is reaching the lips of Tesco customers in a new listing secured by the brand’s distributor Mangrove Global. The deal, which was confirmed in the supermarket chain’s most recent range review, sees the award-winning spirit stocked across 650 stores, nationwide, from Monday 22nd January. Tesco will have a six-month exclusive for the spirit which will be featured in the supermarket’s ‘Drinks Festival’ taking place at the end of February.

Helen Barugh, Channel Director for Grocery at Mangrove Global said:

In a world where customers want to drink better spirits that are specially crafted, as opposed to industrially produced – Bearface is an exceptional option. And this new listing by Tesco confirms exactly that.

Lovingly named after where it’s distilled, BEARFACE ® whisky is produced in the Canadian wilderness, which is known for its Black Bears, otherwise known as ‘bear country’. Part of the Mark Anthony Brands International portfolio, the spirit is ‘whisky untamed’, designed to appeal to enthusiasts as well as everyday whisky drinkers.

BEARFACE ® Triple Oak Canadian Whisky is aged for several years – using a distinctive process. The spirit is aged in three stages; first using ex-bourbon American oak barrels, before being moved to French oak red wine casks, and finally using air-dried Hungarian oak. During the process, the liquid is exposed to the elements – hence the term elemental aging ™. The unique climate of the Canadian wilderness means that the liquid is exposed to freezing and searing temperatures, which creates a distinct quality within the spirit. This and the deliciousness brought about by each oak cask makes the smooth, uniquely spiced liquid a sterling example of the creative approach to aging, taken by many ‘new world’ whiskies.

Stef Holt, Curator of Mangrove’s world-whisky portfolio, commented on the wider category and its increasing popularity:

World-whisky is one of the most exciting spirits categories out there right now. It’s quite different from traditional Scotch and I’d say the same for its drinkers.

World whisky drinkers are diverse; all genders and all ages are enjoying the exploration of different distillates from different regions. Global producers are playing into that and using innovative methods to bring us a huge array of entirely new flavours. Don’t think you’re a whisky drinker? I’d argue you simply haven’t found the right one.

No new spirit comes to market nowadays without a signature serve, and BEARFACE ® whiskies recommendation, lovingly labelled ‘The Old Fearless’ is one that’s sure to set any cocktail enthusiast’ tastebuds alight. Served over ice, the cocktail combines the whisky with charred cedar bitters, maple syrup, and a twist of orange peel – to create a drink that’s as true to its Canadian roots as it is appealing.

Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove Global said of the partnership:

As purveyors of the very best independent spirits brands, our focus is to deliver what grocery stores want and need, as well as ultimately quench their customers’ thirst for exceptional drinks.

All of us at Mangrove have, since the beginning, admired the ethos behind Bearface – knowing full well that it caters to a modern curiosity and sense of adventure that consumers are looking for. This is just the start for the brand and we look forward to seeing its success in Tesco.

Retailing at an accessible £36 RRP, BEARFACE ® Canadian whisky is now available at 630 branches of Tesco UK wide and online!