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Whisky Made In Bear Country; Elementally Aged by the Canadian Wilderness for a Bolder, Smoother Flavour

Our home is on the edge of the inspiring Canadian wilderness. This is the gateway to Bear Country with miles of unexplored forests, mountains, lakes and rivers on our doorstep. We work with the wilderness and its powerful natural elements to transform our whisky into something more wild and adventurous.

Elemental Ageing is our unique process where hand-selected oak casks are matured in repurposed shipping containers and exposed to the elements in the Canadian wilderness. Our extreme northern climate amplifies how the whisky and wood interact, transforming the liquid inside.

New Territories in Taste; BEARFACE Whiskies sit in a totally different place on the flavour map to everything else out there. Always bold, smooth and mixable, BEARFACE appeals to adventure-loving whisky drinkers and bartenders. Who wants to drink boring whisky? Not us.

The Freedom to Innovate; Up here boundaries don’t apply. We challenge out-of-date rules and traditions, exposing ourselves to new elements, new ideas and new experiences. The unique Canadian rules about whisky making, mean there is no better place on earth to innovate, experiment and create the unexpected.

Proudly Canadian; Our bold ambition. Our ambition is simple. We plan to make BEARFACE an iconic world whisky, an aspirational symbol of the wild Canadian North. Our brand is proudly Canadian, but we go beyond borders, we even go beyond the world of whisky, to find people with unique skills, endless energy and bold ideas we are looking for.


BEARFACE Triple Oak is a single grain Canadian whisky matured for seven years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, then aged in French oak red wine casks and air-dried virgin Hungarian oak. Three mighty oaks BEARFACE Triple Oak is a demonstration of our whisky-making prowess. Each cask delivers unique flavour, aroma and texture. American Oak Our single-grain Canadian whisky is aged for 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels to impart notes of honey, butter and natural vanilla. Tasting notes: Honey, marzipan, crème brûlée, butter and natural vanilla. French Oak Three vintages of heavy-red, tight-grain, French oak casks are used to impart dry fruit notes of cranberry and pear, along with a rich Canadian red colour. Tasting notes: Dry fruits and cranberry. Subtle flavours of saffron, balsamic, apricot and a hint of pear. Hungarian Oak After being air-dried for three years, our virgin Hungarian oak is toasted three ways. This imparts a unique spice with rye-like notes and a gentle smoke. Tasting notes: Spice, black cardamom, orange peel, mandarin, brown sugar and smoke. Then, the skill of our Master Blender, creating that smoothness, balance, long complexity of flavour and gentle spice that we all love. Each year brings different nuances can ever be quite exactly the same, but exploring the subtleties that is part of the adventure. BEARFACE is made in the wild, not in a lab.