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When we say our brands know how to think outside the box – we really mean it. Stauning Distillery in Denmark recently innovated a spectacular solution to a supply chain issue that threatened to halt production.

Like many other spirits companies, Stauning faced supply issues that left them without their signature black and gold bottles and so they were forced to find a solution to keep up with demand. The new solution not only takes a fresh approach, it’s stylish, exclusive, and presents a rare opportunity to whisky enthusiasts.

The new, limited edition DIY bottle kits allow customers to design their own bottle label, using some classically ‘Stauning’ style stickers and a gold marker which will permanently inscribe the bottle. The bottle itself comes in the illustrated Stauning box, with a simple label along the bottom of the bottle and will make a truly special addition to any whisky fanatic’s home bar – or a fantastic, personalised present.

Available across Stauning’s Rye, Kaos, and Smoke products, the exclusive kit welcomes each customer to adorn the bottle with illustrated stickers and inscribe it with the gold marker – and the cheekier the better. Customers are also encouraged to share their bottle designs with Stauning, using the Instagram tag #StauningMyWhisky.

Stauning said on their website of the supply issue:

We spent a lot of time designing our black and gold Stauning Whisky bottle. During the design process, there were many edits, a few tears, and more happy accidents than we care to admit. This all led to a final design that we love! But thanks to supply issues, we are unable to make these bottles for a while. We’re not going to lie… it sucks!

But in Stauning, when facing challenges, we are hell-bent on creating something even better to solve the problem… We took these supply issues as our opportunity to give you the freedom to experience this creative process for yourself. This is your bottle of Stauning Whisky to make truly yours.

We’ve dubbed it the Super Duper Limited Design Edition.

Stauning Whisky is no stranger to doing things differently; the brand is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating sustainable practices in to their production process. The distillery uses renewable power sources like wind and solar power and has implemented recycle and reuse programmes since their inception. The distillery also uses local grains and traditional malting methods that minimise their environmental impact.

The ‘Design Your Own bottle’ sales will be driven in the UK through a number of exclusive and specialist independent retailers who align with Stauning’s ethos and innovative mindset. Dubbed ‘The Kaos Club’, these partnerships will see the Super Duper Limited Design Edition stocked by retailers who will then receive further brand support through the delivery of POS, incentives, and instore tastings. Marketing materials will tell the story of Stauning and raise awareness of the vibrant category that is world whisky. It’s a campaign the Mangrove team have worked especially hard on and one that’s set to drive growth of the award-winning brand across the UK.


These new DIY kits are just another reason for all of us to love Stauning. Read more about the Super Duper Limited Design Edition here. [LINK TO ]