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Portobello Road Navy Strength Gin


Gin – 70cl

Conceived above the famous Portobello Star bar in the heart of Notting Hill (home to Ged Feltham and Jake Burger’s “Ginstitute” and the city’s smallest working copper pot still, ‘Coppernicus’ where the gin was first made) Portobello Road No. 171 eschews the trend for obscure and esoteric ingredients and instead is an honest blend of juniper berries; lemon peel; bitter orange peel; coriander seeds; orris root; angelica root; cassia bark; liquorice; and nutmeg.

This navy gin is a punchier and more flavourful version of Portobello Road’s signature London Dry. It is bottled at a punchy 57.1% ABV and seasoned with a small amount of English sea salt, resulting in a subtle yet distinct martime essence.

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