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Kokoro Cherry Blossom Gin Liqueur


Liqueur –  50cl

Kokoro was inspired by a visit to our Uncle Nic, who’s lived in Japan for over 50 years. His life’s passion has been transforming neglected ancient woodland back into a haven for endangered indigenous plant species. Walking in the forest with him one day he introduced us to the incredible flavour of the sansho berry. “Fortuitously pepperascial,” nibbled the words off his tongue. “With a uniquely citronious note.” And it was these insatiable desirability’s that Uncle Nic knew would give his family gin – known most fondly as Kokoro – such an exquisitely unique flavouring.

Cherry Blossom Liqueur – Sakura in Japanese, Cherry Blossom has a uniquely floral flavour with just the softest hint of sweet cherry.

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Weight 1 kg