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Giffard Crème de Menthe (Green) Liqueur


Liqueur –  70cl

It all began during the very hot summer of 1885…

At that time, Émile Giffard was a dispensing chemist living in Angers (Val de Loire).

He had an inventive, inquiring mind, and was a gourmet as well. He took an interest in the digestive and refreshing properties of mint, and ended up concocting a pure, clear and refined white mint liqueur which he promptly put to the test by offering the guests at the Grand Hotel a sip of his cordial as a relief against the heat wave.

Having found instant success, Émile turned his pharmacy into a distillery and named his liqueur Menthe-Pastille , in reference to the tiny mint sweets that were all the rage in those days.

Five generations later, the family business still bears the GIFFARD name and is proud to uphold the high standards of quality instilled by its original creator.

Crème de Menthe (green) – Liqueur made from peppermint essential oils.

Tasting Notes – On the nose, great aromatic power with typical aromas of peppermint.

Intense aromas at first and a long finish in mouth. The flavour of peppermint invades the palate, leaving a soft freshness feeling.

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