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VIVIR Tequila was born from the love of the Agave based spirit that two good friends shared.
Having worked with Agave for over 16 years in Mexico, and being one of the first importers of Agave syrup to the UK, Paul knew a lot about the industry and the potential of premium Tequila. Living in the UK however, it proved very difficult to buy premium 100% Weber Blue Agave Tequila without going to a specialist bar or retailer. This was especially important for Paul as cheaper Mixto Tequilas are the only thing in the world he’s allergic to mean he finds it hard to drink any Tequila in the UK full stop. After researching why this was the case it soon came to light that there were no UK based independent premium Tequila brands. This meant that outlets didn’t have the local support from brands to help drive the spirit and bring it to the masses. Because of this, Paul and Nav decided to do something about it and VIVIR was born.


The Tequilas are produced at a fifth-generation family-owned distillery in Jalisco
The distillery grows its own Weber Blue Agave in the highlands for a minimum of 8 years before it’s farmed. This is the very Agave that goes into our tequila. Using traditional clay ovens (Hornos) to cook the Weber Blue Agave that helps deliver the perfect Agave taste and finish. The distillery is unique in the sense it has a natural spring in the centre of it that feeds pure spring water from a local volcano, this is the only water used adding to its clean and crisp nature.

Tasting Notes

There are fresh aromas of Agave on the nose that follows through to the palate. A very easy drink premium Tequila that is great for sipping or having in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer. Goes particularly well with citrus tonics and soda.

Tasting Notes

It has earthy notes of Agave followed by tones of vanilla, caramel and melted butter. Perfect for sipping or in classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Negroni. Also mixes particularly well with ginger ale.

Tasting Notes

Although aged for a year and a half, this Tequila maintains its Agave routes whilst bringing an amazing palate of smoky oak, burned bananas and chocolate. Fantastic for sipping neat or over ice.

Tasting Notes

Cafe VS
Made using VIVIR premium tequila this beautiful coffee liqueur is the newest addition to an already fantastic portfolio of tequila from the team at VIVIR.

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