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Produced since 1873, Velho Barreiro is one of the most appreciated cachaças in Brazil. It has a delicate aroma, due to the careful double distillation production method.


The cachaça is stored in wooden barrels made from a particular Brazilian wood, ‘Jeuitibá Rosa’. This gives a unique style.
After the first distillation, Velho Barreiro is allowed to rest for some time before it is distilled for a second time. For this traditional cachaça, the spirit rests for six months before bottling. Velho Barreiro Gold is stored in barrels for three years and has a golden colour.

Tasting Notes

Velho Barreiro has a smoky aroma and a warm, smooth finish due to the very careful methods of distillation employed. Enjoy Velho Barreiro in the infamous Brazilian cocktail – the Caipirinha.

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