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Each bottle of Portobello Road Potato Vodka is distilled from almost three kilograms of British potatoes. The spirit is first distilled to a very high level of purity using the process of continuous distillation, and is then distilled once more the old fashioned way, in a copper pot still; this time in the presence of sacrificial copper, which helps to remove any unpleasant tasting flavour compounds. We then add the purest water and bottle it.

A vodka full of character and elegance, and free from any hidden additives, it has a depth of flavour and a wonderful viscosity in the mouth, creamy, rich, and soft. Delicious in a Vodka Martini.

Flavoured with the pure zest of the bergamot, this is a wonderfully aromatic spirit, somewhere between citrus peel and citrus blossom. Use it in any drink where you might use citrus vodka or even in place of gin in some classic cocktails.

Colombian beans are steeped with our potato vodka in copper potter stills for twenty four hours before being redistilled to clear liquid. The resulting vodka has a delicious toasted coffee aroma that fills the nostrils. The rich and creamy spirit provides a perfect platform to carry the intense coffee flavour, which coats the mouth and lingers long on the palate.

Made using vanilla flavour obtained only from Madagascan vanilla pods, which gives it a rich, multifaceted and layered vanilla flavour and aroma and a distinctive golden hue.

Herbaceous, vegetal, earthy, slightly nutty, enticing, beguiling and intriguing… just some of the words that our team have used to describe our newest expression – a world’s first that went from to bottle in under a week.

Asparagus has become something of a talisman since we opened the doors to The Ginstitute back in 2011, being the key flavour in our first limited edition expression, our Directors Cut Edition NÂș1, so when it came to choosing the next flavour in our vodka series, Asparagus seemed to be the inevitable choice. An almost more logical choice for vodka, this time untroubled by the distraction of Juniper and Coriander etc. Just plain English Asparagus steeped and distilled in our fantastic British Potato Vodka.

Each year, British Asparagus Season starts on St George’s Day, and inspired by everyone’s favourite youngest wine, Beaujolais Nouveau, we wanted to get this season’s asparagus distilled and into a bottle as quickly as we could. This year’s slightly warmer start to the year meant that the asparagus crop arrived earlier, so we managed to get a kick start on the harvest.

On St George’s Day, typically the start of asparagus season, when the steeping was finished, we ran it through our 400L Copper Pot Still, King Henry, and added purified water to bottle it at 40% ABV. No filtration, no additives, nothing else added – just pure Asparagus (and Potato) Vodka.

Then, we immediately bottled it. Each year, we will be distilling a limited run using that season’s asparagus, and once it’s gone, you’ll just have to wait until the next year to get your hands on another bottle – it’s an asparagus vintage!

And finally, the answer to the question we know you’re all thinking… #noitdoesnt!

Asparagus Vodka

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