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Mezcal Ojo de Tigre® (Eye Of The Tiger), — an inviting mezcal crafted from Oaxacan Agave Espadín and Agave Tobalá from Puebla, is brand a collaboration with renowned Mexican actor and producer Luis Gerardo Mendez.

Our name, Ojo de Tigre, comes from the semiprecious stone recognized as a universal amulet of good fortune. And to hold our exceptional spirit, we developed a unique and iconic bottle — inspired by the anforitas of yesteryear; personal amulets that people carried with them in good times and bad.


Ojo de Tigre, is a 100% handmade artisanal mezcal, produced with 100% sustainably grown and cultivated agaves (Espadín from Oaxaca and Tobalá from Puebla).

Tasting Notes

An incredibly smooth but complex mezcal that seeks to attract new consumers to the category

Ojo De Tigre
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