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Introducing Los Arcos Destilado De Agave, a spirit that celebrates the traditions of creating Tequila, but more sustainably and consciously.
The Tequila boom is great for business, but the hills and valleys on which Blue Weber Agaves grow in Jalisco, Mexico are suffering greatly. Agaves are harvested years before they truly mature and unsavory chemicals are being used to speed up the process. So, we set out to do something about it.
Los Arcos harvests only mature agaves and uses both modern and traditional tools like autoclaves, mills and pot stills. The result is a structured, full-flavored destilado de agave ideal for both mixing and sipping. No diffusers, no additives, no immature agaves and no messing around.
Welcome to Los Arcos.

Los Arcos Bottle and EcoTOTE

Destilado de agave is an agave spirit category that cannot legally be labelled as Tequila or mezcal. This category is much less restrictive in regard to the species of agave that can be used, and also what can be done to the spirit post-production. This includes being able to distil and age the liquid outside of Mexico

Only Blue Weber Agave certified by the Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (CRT) can be used to produce Tequila, which is expensive, strains the land and opens up fields to diseases. We chose to embrace destilado de agave so that we’re not limited to using only CRT-certified Blue Weber Agave when producing our spirit.
Sourcing non-CRT-certified blue agave opens up a greater pool of access to use only mature agave no younger than six-years-old. And thanks to the use of both modern and traditional Tequila production methods, we’re able to create a spirit that rivals and surpasses many of the great Tequilas on the market.