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The FAIR brand was built on a mission to support farmers in developing economies. When you buy Fairtrade certified spirits, we make sure that workers who grow the crops are paid a fair price so they can first sustain for their families. We can leverage capitalism in rich countries to support farming communities in places like Bolivia, Uzbekistan, Malawi, Paraguay, Belize, Salvador, etc…

FAIR Cafe liqueur is the most refined coffee liqueur on the market, with tasting notes of premium Italian espresso.

Made with organically grown and Fairtrade certified arabica coffee beans from Mexico, super high-quality Fairtrade sugar cane juice and neutral based spirit.

This world renowned liqueur is perfectly balanced and offers the best option for an Espresso Martini, on its own or with your favourite dessert.

Tasting Notes

Style: Clear, amber brown with golden highlights

Nose: Pungent roasted coffee nose with chocolate, fudge and nutty aromas

Palate: Nutty flavors of hazelnut are immediately apparent on a chocolate coffee palate

Finish: Roasted coffee finish is bitter compared to the palate and fades with nougat chocolate

Other Liqueurs:
Be sure to check out the full range of FAIR Liqueurs in our Portfolio document. Including Kumquat, Acai and More.

FAIR Vodka is the world’s first Fairtrade certified spirit made from Bolivian Quinoa and single distilled in Cognac France.
This award-winning vodka is also gluten-free, vegan and GMO-Free.

Tasting Notes

Style: Full and delicate

Nose: Quite mineral. Cereals and citrus fruits

Palate: Balanced between green and fruit notes

Finish: Hot and lasting. Almond milk

An exceptionally well-distilled gin with refined lemon flavour. using Fairtrade and organic botanicals then distilled in Cognac, France.
Using Uzbek juniper berries, angelica roots, cardamom, coriander, Timur pepper and lemon all infused in our quinoa-based vodka. Then distilled in a stainless steel still to create a wonderful distillate at 42%

Tasting Notes

Style: Clear

Nose: Baked Lemon Bars

Flavour: Very fresh citrus aromas with hints of lemon, coriander and juniper

Finish: Refreshing breeze of flavours all around the palette.

Single distilled by the Travellers distillery in Belize. A blend of between 3 to 6 years and aged in American oak barrel previously used for bourbon.

Travellers employ high-test molasses with natural fermentation. The barrels are stored in a seven floor warehouse where they are aged patiently. Zero sugar is added to provide rich and complex flavours.

Tasting Notes

Style: Full and delicate

Nose: A little smoky and oaky with notes of chocolate, coffee and grilled bananas

Flavour: Lovely dryness, brings some lovely note of dark chocolate, soft spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon, dry fruit such as tangerine skin oil and caramel

Finish: A long-lasting and extremely smooth finish

FAIR Kumquat is the perfect Triple Sec with less sugar and less alcohol. Providing a great way to twist your favourite Margarita or Cosmopolitan.
A Kumquat is a super-fruit, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. They are mainly grown in Southeast Asia and symbolizes good luck.

Tasting Notes

Style: Clear

Nose: Strong blood orange notes, very fresh and fruity. Notes of fresh-pressed orange juice.

Flavour: Great balance, extremely smooth. Lovely notes of mandarin, orange and citrus, but also orange blossom.

Finish: A little hint of spice

Using Fairtrade and organic certified passion fruit from Peru then distilled in Cognac, France. Low on sugar and alcohol, this high-end liqueur is an essential ingredient that will take all your classic cocktails to a new level of flavour.

Tasting Notes

Style: Clear

Nose: Fresh passion fruit and a note of lychee

Flavour: Fresh passion fruit followed by layers of mango and peach

Finish: Super tropical feel with a little zing and a note of roasted coconut

The artisanal FAIR Elderflower liqueur has been crafted from French elderflower blossoms and fair-trade sugar from Argentina. With its lovely pale green reflections, the product perfectly captures the aromatic richness of elderflower, as well as the delicate balance between alcohol, sugar, and infusion.

Made using Acai berries from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, a superfood rich in antioxidants and fibre. Fair first make an acai distillate, and then do a slow reduction by adding fair-trade liquid sugar and demineralised water for a perfect balance.

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