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Dark Matter Distillers set up and launched Scotland’s first rum distillery in 2015.

Sidestepping tradition in a country more known for its whisky and gin heritage, from the outset. Dark Matter Distillers have been driven by a spirit of curiosity and experimentation.

Based in Banchory in the North East of Scotland, Dark Matter distil their signature Spiced Rum, and a trio of spiced and flavoured rum liqueurs in small-batches. Dark Matter Spiced Rum offers a decidedly different drinking experience to the traditional spiced rum flavour profile. Complex and rich with layers of spice, it’s an intensely smooth spirit which is perfect in a variety of long serves, punchy cocktails or enjoyed as a luxurious sipper, as it comes.

The flavoured rum liqueurs – Spiced Rhubarb, Chocolate Orange, and Spiced Mocha – each

have a full and distinctive flavour profile making them extremely versatile choices. From the

simplicity of a generous measure poured over ice, to Champagne fizzes and more. Dark Matter fuse together the scientific facets of distilling, the universe around them, and the creative side of spirits; drawing in inquisitive types to experience and enjoy drinks which are outside of the ordinary.

Tasting Notes

Dark Matter Spiced Rum is a Scottish distilled molasses-based dark spiced rum. Made at the Dark Matter distillery in Banchory, each batch is spiced by hand with fresh ingredients. The Spiced Rum’s signature spice blend contains Oriental ginger, Indonesian long pepper, allspice berries and Thai green peppercorns which are infused with Dark Matter’s own rum. This combination of aromatic spices contributes to Dark Matter’s unique flavour profile; unashamedly punchy with spice but with a touch of sweetness and a rewardingly long finish.

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