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Colombo’s Logo is Gajasingha:
An ancient mythical beast with the head of an elephant and the body of a lion, symbolising the former’s inherent wisdom and the latter’s courage and strength. The story of Colombo No.7 is encapsulated in this symbol.

With the courage of a lion, we dared to be different from other gins, using unusual ingredients to give an unmistakably Sri-Lankan flavour. And with the wisdom of an elephant, we saw an opportunity to be industry pioneers, manufacturing the first Gin in the Indian subcontinent.

Distilled to a unique recipe using seven spices and botanicals, Colombo No.7 us a distinctly Sri Lankan take on a London Dry Gin.

Four native Botanicals – Cinnamon Bark, Curry Leaves, Ginger Root and Coriander Seeds – Combined with base notes of Juniper Berries, Liquorice and Angelica, to create a beautifully balanced, subtly spiced gin.

Each of our seven ingredients has a unique role in the creation of a bottle of Colombo No.7. Handcrafted in small batches in copper pot
stills, together they form a gin with a complex
aroma and distinctive taste.

We recommend serving Colombo No.7 with
plenty of ice, good-quality tonic and a slice of
lime: a complex, bracing world of sweet, sour
and bitter. Naturally, it’s also particularly good
served with spicy South Asian food.

Our navy strength expression of Colombo No.7 Gin boasts a similar recipe to the original London Dry Colombo but with the addition of an extra helping of curry leaves for some extra spiciness.

The Colombo navy strength would work well within a twist of the classic Negroni with its spicy kick.