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Ceylon Arrack is an artesian spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower and aged in traditional Sri Lankan Hamilla hardwood. Sold under the name of Ceylon Arrack since 1924 by Rockland Distilleries, pioneers of the Arrack industry.


  • The sap from coconut flowers is hand collected by skilled men known as ’Toddy Tappers’ who can be seen early in the morning scaling the large coconut trees.
  • This sap is the juice that would have eventually turned the coconut flower into a coconut. The sap from 4-6 trees needs to be collected to produce one bottle of Ceylon Arrack.
  • The sap has its own natural yeast and starts fermenting naturally once collected and must be distilled within 24 hours. Arrack is therefore one of the few spirits in the world which is a distillate of a 100% natural fermentation.
  • The raw distilled spirit is left to rest and age in Hamilla oak barrels. This process is carefully monitored to ensure the natural flavours are enhanced and not overtaken by woody notes.

Tasting Notes

A light sunset orange, amber coloured liquid with a medium-light body. Complex yet floral with light citrus notes, a hint of coconut and a dash of honey.

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