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Avallen Calvados is a brand with sustainability at its very core along with a mission to save wild bee populations around the world and put apple brandy back behind the bar.


We use 40 varieties of apple with 30% of them grown on site at Distillerie Coquerel with the remaining coming from up to 300 farmers from within 20km of the distillery. La Manche, the region of Normandie where we make our delicious Calvados is pesticide free since 2016, which is important for sustainability and flavour. Avallen is aged in French oak casks for 2 years in the heart of La Manche, Normandie for a liquid that is fresh, crisp and unapologetically apple forward. The whole process is natural using only wild yeast present on the apple skins and no added sugar, caramel or boisé ensuring a 100% natural product.

Tasting Notes

The nose is a freshly cooked apple pie with a hint of vanilla custard. It’s body is a richly warming with cinnamon, vanilla and star anise. Finally the finish is a lingering toffee apple finish

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