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In the bars beneath the colonnades of Bologna’s city centre, patrons would sit and let their imaginations run wild with fantasies of epic journeys.
But soon they began to crave adventure, looking beyond the boundaries of their province for new exotic lands to discover and new commercial partnerships to forge. They found themselves on a constant quest for freedom and progress. From this richness, Amaro Montenegro was born. It was here that our creator, who travelled the world driven by a strong spirit of adventure, finally turned his dream into a reality.


Amaro Montenegro is made with a selection of 40 botanicals, including spices, dried fruit, roots, seeds, bark, citrus peel, rhizomes, flowers, and species of wood from all four corners of the globe.
As soon as these materials arrive, they are stored in their natural conditions in specific dark rooms with controlled temperature and humidity levels until they are used. This prevents them from deteriorating and helps preserve the unique aromatic components of the recipe

Tasting Notes

At first taste, Amaro Montenegro displays a rich, distinctive profile: an amber gold color, complex aroma and pleasantly balanced taste, with both sweet and bitter notes.

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