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Aluna was created by three friends who loved great rums and fresh, natural ingredients but were tired of spirits that were too sweet, with their flavours hidden behind a wall of sugar.
They loved the ocean, the mountains and finding a healthy balance in their lives, and wanted to pour a better drink at the end of the day when the sun set and the moon came out to shine her light on the good times!
In 2021 Aluna signed up to 1% For The Planet, committing to give a minimum of 1% of their total sales to environmental non-profits.
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Awesome sipped neat over ice, lengthened with fruit juice or as an extra dimension in great cocktails.

With a fraction of the sugar found in competitor brands Aluna offers the true flavour of coconut alongside the authentic warmth and complexity of high quality rum, with no sticky, sugary aftertaste. Naturally lower in sugar and higher in flavour.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: clear and pure

Nose: light and floral with subtle coconut and fresh banana

Flavour: rum, toasted coconut, vanilla pod and cocoa

Finish: nutty, smooth and clean

Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur’s striking matte black bottle, featuring the brand’s distinctive moon phase mandala in rose gold foiling looks stunning as a gift or on the bar. Aluna is inspired by the Moon and the back label and brand support activity aligns our Coffee Liqueur to the moon’s mysterious Dark Side

Tasting Notes
The taste profile is smooth and less sweet than you would expect from a coffee liqueur, with a harmonious toasted coconut note, whilst the addition of cacao nibs adds balance and an indulgent richness. The liqueur finishes with a subtle hint of smoky, herbal black cardamom for a truly differentiated and sophisticated flavour. This is a versatile liqueur that can be sipped neat over ice, shaken up as an espresso martini or even poured over vanilla ice cream for an Astral Affogato.

Fragrant peach meets the pomelo, favourite fruit of the Moon goddess. A fresh and fragrant blend of all-natural toasted coconut rum with white peach, pomelo and pure coconut blossom nectar.

Tasting Notes
Natural white peach flavour is balanced by the pink grapefruit citrus influence of the pomelo and a subtle sweetness from coconut blossom nectar. Delicious sipped neat over ice, in cocktails or lengthened with soda.

Aluna Tropica Rum combines the exotic South Asian flavours of pandan leaf, spiced pineapple, lemongrass and galangal in a premium blend of rums from Sri Lanka and the Caribbean.  Mindfully made with natural ingredients and less sugar.

Enjoy it neat, in a cocktail or served long with your favourite mixer.

Vegan. Gluten Free. 38% abv

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