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Sasanokawa Shuzo is a spirits company founded in 1765, based in Koriyama on the main island of Honshu.

Mainly active in the field of traditional Japanese beverages such as sake and shochu, the company has been producing “Ji-Whisky” since 1946, a term that encompasses all Japanese whiskies produced by specialists in traditional Japanese spirits who sometimes engage in whisky production ranging from 100% Japanese production to collaboration with foreign distilleries.

Since the founding of the Asaka distillery in 2015, Sasanokawa has been committed to producing whiskies that are distilled, aged and blended in Japan, as evidenced by the company’s first blend, Yamazakura The First single malt released in 2020.

Akashi Blended is a blend made at the Eigashima – White Oak distillery located 30 kilometers west of the city of Kobe, in a region where the proximity to the sea strongly influences the climate. The blend consists of 30% malted barley and 70% grain whisky.

Aged in Bourbon casks, Akashi Blended expresses a rich and deep aromatic profile marked by notes of oak and vanilla on the nose which are joined on the palate by woody and spicy aromas.

Smooth and round, it is an ideal whisky for an introduction to Japanese whisky that can be enjoyed in a highball for a typical Japanese tasting experience.

Akashi Blended Sherry Cask Finish is a whisky created by Mikio Hiraishi the owner and Master Blender of the Eigashima distillery formerly called White Oak.

A blend of grain whiskies from various sources and 30% malt whiskies distilled in Eigashima, Japan, all whiskies were aged in American oak casks for at least three years, then matured for 6 months in sherry casks, the famous Andalusian wine casks.

This blend has a rich and gourmet profile expressing notes of vanilla, dried apricot and orange zest on the nose. On the palate, the soft and mellow texture is accompanied by spicy, woody aromas and notes of dried fruits typical of sherry cask matured whiskies. This complementary maturation is felt in the rather long and elegant finish where the woody notes rub shoulders with the vinous notes of sherry.

Exclusively bottled for the French market, Akashi Meïsei is a limited version of Akashi blended whisky produced by Eigashima – White Oak distillery. Unlike the regular edition which is vatted with 30% of single malts aged in American oak barrels, this new expression contains 45% giving an elegant profile with beautiful woody and spicy notes.

Meïsei literally meaning “celebrity” in Japanese, this special vintage will charm you like a star by gently unveiling its aromatic profile marked with woody and spicy notes of oak and vanilla, enhanced by a rich and round texture.

Close to the Seto Inland Sea, the White Oak distillery benefits from a maritime climate whose mildness contributes to the development of the very particular aromatic profile of this single malt. Made from lightly peated malted barley, it is then aged in sherry casks. Unchill-filtered, Akashi Single Malt retains its rich, round texture and high alcohol content.

Aged for 3 years in Bourbon casks, its nose reveals notes of chamomile, sherry and malt. On the palate, the pastry aromas of butter and vanilla remain present until the soft and elegant finish which ends on woody notes.

This Akashi Single Malt, will seduce the novices as well as the amateurs of Japanese whisky tempted by the discovery of small productions having their own know-how.

Akashi Single Malt 5 Year Old Bourbon Cask is an American expression of the iconic Japanese whisky from the small Eigashima distillery located on Japan’s Inland Sea in Hyogo Prefecture.

Composed of a blend of single malts aged for at least 5 years in American oak casks, the famous bourbon cask, this lightly peated whisky expresses vanilla and cereal notes on the nose, then on the palate, spicy and fruity aromas are added to a delicate peat. The long finish reveals salty notes in addition to spices.

Akashi Single Malt 5 years Bourbon Cask is a Japanese whisky created by Mikio Hiraishi Master Blender and director of the Eigashima distillery which in 1919 was one of the first to obtain the license to distill malt whisky in Japan

This bottling is fully inline with the tradition of this small family craft distillery since this Akashi Single Malt 5 year old Sherry Cask comes from a single barrel, the n°61071. Fruit of a 5 years aging in Sherry cask, this whisky develops an intense fruity nose with notes of vanilla, a silky mouth with almonds and dried fruits notes, typical of Sherry, and a delicate finish with subtle notes of white flowers.

Non-coloured, non-chill-filtered and with an alcohol volume of 50%, this exceptional whisky retains all its aromatic richness to express itself neat or lightly diluted with few drops of water.

Akashi Single Malt 5 year old Red Wine Cask is a whisky produced by Eigashima – White Oak distillery located in southern Japan on the shores of the Seto Inland Sea. Its greedy nose expresses aromas of brown sugar and fruity yellow fruits. Then at the palate it is an intense aromatic bouquet that will be revealed with notes of caramel, tannins and a slight bitterness. The finish will be frank and woody.

For this limited vintage, the Chef Blender of the House has carefully selected a few single malts aged for 4 years and a half in Cognac casks, then transferred them to French red wine barrels for a maturing of 10 months. Akashi Single Malt 5 year old Red Wine Cask is bottled uncolored and unchillfiltered, with an alcoholic strength of 50%.

Relatively unknown, White Oak distillery is nevertheless part of the history of Japanese whisky by being the first distillery in Japan to obtain a distillation license in 1888. However, it is only in 1919 that the discontinuous production of a malt spirits began and in 1984, a totally new facility dedicated to whisky production was established at the Eigashima site.