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Copenhagen based flavour company Empirical are joining forces with premium drinks distributer Mangrove UK in an exciting new partnership.  This collaboration will aim to build on the success of the innovative spirits and RTDs and introduce them to a wider audience across the UK.

Founders Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen are masters of flavour, they have been creating fantastic liquids in their Copenhagen distillery since 2017.  For them flavour is everything and they haven’t been afraid to experiment and innovate in their quest to find the perfect combinations.  Their flavour inspiration comes from around the world.  Lars and Mark worked together at Noma, the renowned two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, where Lars ran the test kitchen and Mark joined as Concept Manager after completing his thesis on Nordic food at Oxford University.

The Empirical brands are already available in some of the best bars and restaurants in London and the plan is to take this forward and expand reach in the capital and beyond.  The highly original spirits are well regarded by bar tenders across the world, who have been enthusing about the flavour and quality.

James Goggin, Head of Sales at Empirical said:

“The team at Empirical are very excited to partner with Mangrove in the UK, Nick and the team have built an excellent brand portfolio and we are delighted to be a part of it. Time and time again the Mangrove team have shown that they are strong brand builders who value education, quality and flavour, this perfectly aligns with Empirical’s values and was a defining factor on our decision to partner with them. London has become a home for us at Empirical and with Mangrove by our side in 2021 we are focusing on growing our reach across the entire UK.”

Nick Gillett MD at Mangrove UK further added:

“2021 will see the return of the hospitality industry in the UK. We believe that a bold and forward-thinking approach to the future, working with brand partners who embody the finest spirits flavours that industry has to offer, will enable us to emerge from this pandemic ready to offer consumers the best brands.

Empirical is a perfect fit for Mangrove – they are innovative and interesting; they champion local flavours with a global mind set. To me, they are flavour magicians who challenge the status quo and make our industry take notice with extreme flavour profiles that stage an assault on our senses. Already loved by chefs and more creative bar tenders, we’re looking forward to bringing their portfolio to a wider audience.

Adding Empirical to our portfolio highlights our credentials as the UK’s leading premium spirits distributor, offering our partners in trade world-class products with a sense of purpose.”

Key Products include:


The smoky Pasilla Mixe chilli is the hero here. We source it directly from Mixe farmers in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, and macerate it in a spirit made from Danish heritage purple wheat and Pilsner malt.

After distillation, we blend the most desirable cuts. This blend is then rested in a sherry cask, allowing the flavours to infuse and mature with each other, giving a smooth, distinct and savoury finish.

43% ABV

Recommended serve: Over ice, with Cherry soda.


The kernel inside plum stones is the foundation of this spirit. Rather than tasting of stone fruit, the kernel lends a marzipan, bitter almond flavour. Distilled marigold kombucha brings another side of floral and tannic notes reminiscent of plum skins; the combination is the suggestion of plum, hence the reference to the Robert Frost poem.

32% ABV.

Flavour: Sweet, marzipan, floral, bright.

Recommended Serve: Neat or over ice with Citrus soda.

CAN 01

Delicately fizzy, CAN 01 leads with an acidic gooseberry flavour balanced by a flowery oolong tea, and rounded out by freshly cut toasted birch and an undercurrent of pomelo zest.

10% ABV.

Key ingredients:  Oolong tea, toasted birch, green gooseberry.

Notes: Store in a cool place.  Gluten-free & vegan. No sugar has been added.

Sold as 4 x 330ml

CAN 02

Effervescent, enlivening, fruity…Walnut wood gives a sturdy depth to the notes of zesty sour cherry, aromatic black currant buds, and lemony maqaw pepper.

8% ABV.

Key ingredients: Sour cherry, black currant buds, young pine cones, walnut wood.

Notes: Store in a cool place. Gluten-free & vegan. No sugar has been added.

Sold as 4 x 330ml