skip to Main Content, the world’s largest dedicated online supermarket, is bringing an exciting new selection of world whiskies to consumers, with the help of leading independent spirits distributor, Mangrove Global. In celebration of World Whisky Day (20th May) will launch a range of new world whiskies alongside their existing offering – in line with the supermarket’s commitment to offering the widest selection of products to its customers. The first supermarket to list these products in the UK, the spirits come from countries like New Zealand, the United States, Denmark, Israel, and Australia, and offer customers exciting new flavour profiles alongside the traditional Scotch and Irish varieties.

With whisky sales continuing to increase year on year and the demographics of the whisky drinker growing more diverse, this smart move by Ocado caters to new-found demand amongst consumers.

Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove Global said of the launch:

Mangrove’s mission is to bring to market the most exciting premium spirits portfolio on the market, featuring quality independent producers. Drinker demographics for whisky are changing – they’re younger, more diverse, more experimental, and this is driving an appetite for new world whiskies. Ocado is responding to that demand by bringing a well-honed selection to consumers across the UK and we’re delighted to see so many of our portfolio included.

Amongst the selection on sale will be a number of whiskies new to Ocado, including Pokeno Origin a whisky made exclusively in New Zealand from local ingredients and spring water – a celebration of flavours from the other side of the world. Much-loved and awarded US whiskey Uncle Nearest will also launch their small batch 1884 variety, as well as the premium 1856, alongside its American counterpart, the New York Distilling Company’s Ragtime Rye.

These whiskies join Danish distillery, Stauning’s full range, the Balcones’ range from the US, Spearhead Scotch, and two single malts by Australia’s Morris distillery. The selection also includes Milk and Honey, a product from Israel’s M&H Distillery which has recently been awarded World’s Best Single Malt in the World Whiskies Awards 2023, for its Elements Sherry Cask,

Lewis Richards, Head of Ecommerce at Mangrove commented on the selection:

There’s been an explosion in demand for whiskies from non-traditional regions and Ocado’s new offering, in line with World Whisky Day, will undoubtedly help customers to explore exceptional new options. It’s great to see a retailer take the time and effort to craft a selection such as this and we were delighted to play a part on behalf of our extraordinary brand partners.

As well as playing with traditional flavour profiles and experimenting with ingredients, world whiskies are quite often born from fascinating back stories. Uncle Nearest is named after Jack Daniel’s mentor, tutor, and first Master Distiller, Nearest Green, whilst Denmark’s Stauning range of whiskies began as a hobby project enjoyed by nine friends.

Nathan Hawker, spirits buyer at Ocado said of the campaign:

The recent additions to the Ocado whisky range from the Mangrove portfolio offer consumers unbeatable choice in a category that many are looking to explore in new ways. Partnering with such a variety of distinctive brands responds to the increasing interest in world whisky, but also offers consumers the opportunity to discover new and unique whiskies from across the globe.

If you’re a whisky lover or searching for a new tipple to add to your home bar, be sure to shop the range of world whiskies now at and watch out for Ocado’s world whisky celebrations on Saturday 20th May.