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Premium spirits importer and distributer, Mangrove UK, has been delighted to welcome the founder of Montelobos, Dr. Iván Saldaña to the UK this week where he has launched two exciting new mezcals in the Montelobos family. Visiting key outlets in Manchester, Liverpool and London, the visionary distillation master gave a talk about his lifework as well as introducing Pechuga and Tobala at an event at The Curtain, Shoreditch last night.

This is the first time Pechuga and Tobala will be available in the UK. Tobala is an unaged mezcal made using cultivated agave, which is roasted underground, then wild fermented and small batch copper-pot distilled, giving a sweet and subtly smoked taste. Pechuga is three-times distilled with turkey and seasonal fruits and spices as tribute to the traditions and festivals of the State of Oaxaca, home of Montelobos. Both drinks have been widely acclaimed in the US and Mexico.
Dr. Iván Saldaña is a world authority on agave and mezcal and provided insights into the different artisanal production processes used in their distillery in Lomo Larga, Oaxaca and how they define the distinctive flavours. He also talked about the heritage and history of mezcal and agave and discussed sustainability and his ambitions for the future of mezcal. Dr Saldaña completed his PhD in plant biology/biochemistry at the University of Sussex, where he grew, cultivated and studied the evolution and characteristics of agave.
Dr. Iván Saldaña said:
“I am delighted to introduce these two very distinctive and interesting new mezcals to the UK market. We have had very positive feedback from international markets, so I look forward to seeing how the British palate enjoys them. I am passionate about the production of mezcal and using innovation alongside century-old traditions is very important, as is sustainability.”
Nick Gillett, MD of Mangrove said:
“What a treat to have an expert like Ivan here in the UK to tell us more about the fascinating process behind his Mezcals. Not only are they delicious, they also have the wonderful heritage and history and we are honoured to be promoting them. Mezcal is growing rapidly in the UK, as consumers are really starting to explore favours and international culture. Montelobos is currently one of the UK’s top selling Mezcals, and the introduction of these new products to the line-up will no doubt create more interest in the brand and category.”
The launch took place at The Curtain a Five-Star hotel with restaurants, live music venue and members club, which sits in the heart of Shoreditch.