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Following a successful start to 2021, Mangrove have this week launched their ‘new-look’ website with an updated and modernised feel. It has been carefully designed and tailored to align with the company’s ethos.

Famed for their eco-system of innovative and conscious brands, the Mangrove ethos is to provide their customers with a warm and mutually beneficial relationship, helping them grow and thrive in the industry. The idea is to emulate the mangroves of the tropics, which seek to create an eco-system for natural infrastructure to nearby populations and environments. Mangrove Global Ltd. personifies the company dynamic of ‘Big enough to matter, small enough to care’ to build this eco-system and keep customers looked after, while offering access to innovative and exciting brands.

The brands that Mangrove distribute equally share this ethos, each bringing a unique, innovative, and sustainable brand story to the portfolio. Joel Defries (Head of Marketing) and Lewis Richards (South West Account Manager) have kept these brand stories and overall ethos in mind while designing the website. Alongside OvernightSite, they have used beautiful images of their renowned portfolio to showcase the company’s brands.

Both Joel and Lewis brought a wealth of creativity to an already strong template for the website. With Joel’s marketing expertise and Lewis’ history of web development and creative design, they were able to workshop in-depth sessions, discussing various creative ambitions. A cocktail of all these ingredients has allowed them to create a beautiful site that they feel perfectly encapsulates what Mangrove is all about.

“We feel that we have represented the purpose and ethos of all of our brands across the new site by carefully selecting the imagery and information on each individual brand. My favourite part of the website improvement is the ‘About Mangrove’ page. We know the great qualities of our family at Mangrove, and with this new website we have been able really show off the exceptional talent throughout the Mangrove team and our portfolio.” – Lewis.

Mangrove will look to follow up the release of this new website with the addition of a fully functional shop for end consumers. This is still under development, but the team believes this will be a welcome addition to an already fantastic new platform.

Visit the new website HERE.

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