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Legendary Italian drinks company Molinari has relaunched its popular Limoncello di Capri with an eye-catching new brand. One of Mangrove UK’s delicious brands, the lemon-flavoured liqueur has received a refresh of its bottle, packaging, and position within the market.

Molinari’s Limoncello di Capri sits in a class of its own, thanks to authentically sourced ingredients. The liqueur is made from 100% Sorrento, ‘I.G.P’ lemons – a type of fruit specific to the region which is higher in essential oils, Vitamin C, and flavour. The process has remained unchanged over the years and the production of the liqueur takes place on the Gulf of Sorrento itself. Originallyproduced as a post-meal digestif, this adaptable drink is now enjoying a renaissance with a variety of different serving suggestions and recipes.

The rebrand comes at a time when the Limoncello market is becoming more crowded. The new brand sets it apart from its less authentic competitors and supports the quality and purity of the spirit. The packaging is designed to appeal to an international market – premium, with a unique bottle that reflects the region’s island cultures. The result is a product that draws in anyone with an affinity to Italy and can be enjoyed all year round due to its delicious versatility.

From the perspective of taste, Limoncello di Capri is reflective of its quality ingredients, using the I.G.P lemons, which are unique citrus fruit famous for their aroma, taste, balance between citric tartness and sugar, and the presence of essential oil. The traditional process also ensures that there are no additives and preservatives – adding to its provenance as the definitive choice for limoncello lovers.

The days of Limoncello being enjoyed as a digestif alone, are far gone. Signature serves which have been developed alongside the new brand, are already regularly enjoyed, all year round, along the Sorrento coastline. Mixed simply as a spritz with prosecco or with tonic water, provides a refreshingly fruity beverage that’s as delicious at Christmas, as it is in Summer. Limoncello di Capri adds a delicious citrus twist and pairs well with classic vodka and gin cocktails.  For a more unusual serve, enjoy as an iced drink or granita that’s reminiscent of an invigorating lemon sorbet.

Richard Glover UK County Director of Molinari said of the rebrand:

“The new brand for Limoncello di Capri reflects the quality and provenance of a liqueur which is synonymous with the sun-fueled, pleasure-filled Italian lifestyle. We’re delighted to bring it to market, alongside some recipe suggestions which will help lemon-lovers across the world to enjoy this versatile Italian drink.”

Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove UK said:

“With the rise of the spritz and the UK’s new-found love for Italian spirits and liqueurs, there is no better time for Limoncello di Capri to make its mark as a versatile drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, by new audiences.

We at Mangrove are thrilled to have the original and definitive Limoncello as part of the portfolio and look forward to achieving the results the new branding deserves.”