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Iconic Italian spirit brand, Limoncello di Capri has launched a new cream liqueur – offering drinkers another delicious way to enjoy the taste of Capri. At 19% ABV, the new spirit balances Limoncello di Capri’s quintessential zest and zing with a silky and delicate cream. Combining the lightness of summer with the warm indulgence of the colder months, the spirit is a great option all year round, and launches in the UK with distributor Mangrove Global.

Owned by Italian spirits group, Molinari, Limoncello di Capri’s original and cream liqueurs are made from 100% Sorrento lemons, a fruit which is recognised with a ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ to guard its provenance. The production process is a traditional one and is carried out on the famously beautiful Amalfi Coast.

Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove Global said:

We love having the original Limoncello di Capri as part of the Mangrove portfolio, so working in partnership with the brand to bring out another product dripping with provenance and innovation in equal amount is an absolute joy.

The British love affair with Italian liqueurs is well-documented. And with Limoncello rivalling aperitifs as the ‘spritz’ spirit of choice this year, I’m quite sure the appetite for a smooth, creamy variety will be off the charts.

The rise in popularity of cream liqueurs has been obvious now for a number of years, and according to IWSR projections, the category is forecasted to increase its global volume market share from 9% to 13% by 2024. And whilst the festive season undoubtedly presents a large opportunity for cream liqueurs, younger, urban consumers are enjoying the category in fresh serves and cocktails, all year round.

Limoncello di Capri Cream is a smooth, lemon-flavoured liqueur which mixes intense notes of Limoncello di Capri with delicate cream, best served cold or over ice, or also used to add a special touch to lemon-based dessert recipes, with year-round enjoyment in mind.

Richard Glover, Export Area Manager for Molinari commented:

Limoncello di Capri is known for the flavour, quality and provenance of its liquid. The new cream liqueur marks the first extension to the product range, and has been crafted in response to increased consumer demand in the category and their love of both aperitivo and digestif.

Equally as delicious as the original, it’s a new way for customers to enjoy the sun-fuelled, pleasure-filled flavour of Southern Italy. And it’s an exciting new ingredient for cocktail serves up and down the UK.