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The MET Office is forecasting another record-breaking summer. Happy days. One of the main ingredients for successful summer drinks sales is sorted. But aside from the weather, there’s a whole host of factors at play in the drinks market which will influence drinks sales this summer.

When we think super-trends, the focus on shared experiences for Gen-Z consumers continues, as will demand for more sustainable and ethical products overlaid by local sourcing. Zeroing in on specific alcohol trends for the summer, spritz’ and cocktails, low ABV drinks, flavoured spirits, low sugar and pink will be to the fore.

To capitalise on these trends, operators should be thinking shared serves such as punches and pitchers offering a refreshing, interactive and fun experience combined with a sense of togetherness as people look to build shared experiences over consumerism.

Interest in ethical and sustainable spirits is now growing and will feature strongly this summer. Operators can benefit by featuring ethical premium spirits brands and promoting the story of their ethical foundations – but only where the product tastes fantastic too! For example, Elephant Gin, Don Q, FAIR spirits and Avallen calvados have terrific credentials whilst also offering a first class tasting experience.

Why not tap into summer spritz’, aperitifs and cocktails, trading up with premium variants to cater for an audience demanding a sophisticated summer drink, or who are particularly interested in provenance and heritage.

We expect Aperitivo Select to be a must have product for summer 2019 – this original Venitian spritz has been repackaged to reflect its history and heritage, offering venues more variety with a quality premium alternative within the category. The Spritz category will also diversify further in terms of breadth of flavours. For example, Pampelle, a bittersweet ruby red grapefruit liqueur, is trending currently and offers an upsell opportunity for operators.

Popular cocktail bases for this summer’s cocktails? Think gin, low ABV bitters, aperitivo’s and fortified wines/vermouths, tequila and spiced rum. The colours are vibrant reds, orange, pinks and even purple, glassware is large and looks generous and they can be garnished simply, flamboyantly or traditionally with an olive.

Also think flavoured spirits – but genuine flavours rather than artificial imposters. What is definitely making a splash is the explosion of Gin Flavoured Liqueurs and Spirits. Every flavour and incarnation of flavour is being incorporated. The more “British”, the greater the appeal, such as Black Cow Vodka’s recent launch of their Strawberries and Cream Limited Edition for the summer.

Keeping with flavours, Aluna Coconut Rum, not only offers a quality coconut rum but also builds on the low sugar theme for customers and capitalises on the popularity of coconut flavours products with millennials. This blend of Caribbean and Guatemalan rums, roasted coconut and coconut water has a lower sugar component than other choices.

Why not try one of these cocktail recipes this summer, which are simple to make:

• The Original Venetian Spritz is one of our serves which looks fantastic and is cited as the original spritz from Venice. 75ml Prosecco, 50ml Select Aperitivo and 25ml Soda. Served in a large wine glass filled with cubed ice and garnished with an Olive.

• The Old Forester Smash: 45ml Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon, 15ml Crème de Peche (or Apricot Brand or Cherry Brandy), 20ml Lemon Juice, 15ml Simple syrup, 8 mint leaves. Shake and strain into a tumbler with cubed ice. Garnish with lemon and mint.”
Want to know more? We’re always happy to chat spirits and you’re welcome at The Vintry anytime so why not drop us a message.