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Casa Lumbre has appointed a new Brand Ambassador with a wealth of experience in all things agave!

Jon Anders Fjeldsrud carved out his expertise as a Tequila and Mezcal brand ambassador over the last 15 years, working for Pernot Ricard UK and their associated agave brands, Dos Hombres Mezcal, Bruxo Mezcal and numerous other names. Jon joins Casa Lumbre as ambassador for their agave spirits, Ojo de Tigre, Abasolo, and Nixta – all of which are part of the Mangrove portfolio.

Having moved to London from his native Norway in 1996, Jon enjoyed a career as a Graphic Designer, before finding his calling in the spirits industry, behind the bar at 10 Room with renowned bartenders like Dre Masso, Thomas Gillgren and Marco Li Donni. A long line of London bar scene stalwarts followed – 10 Tokyo Jo, Rockwell Bar at the Trafalgar Hilton Hotel, and Café Pacifico – where he worked for the late great Tomas Estes, the official ambassador of Tequila for the European Region.

After racking up more names in the London bar scene, Jon travelled to Mexico for a few months – exploring, learning, and curating his love of agave spirits. Upon his return, his career as an agave brand ambassador began and his reputation as an afficianado on all things Mezcal and Tequila was solidified.

With a strong focus on the responsible drinking of well-made agave products (music to the ears of conscious consumers nationwide) Jon believes an education exercise is required for full appreciation of the spirits:

Agave spirits have seen a huge uptake in the UK in the last few years and we have a big job ahead of ourselves in terms of educating people in what agave is and how to correctly drink it.

Not all consumers fully understand it yet but, in case it encourages anyone to try, you’ll find me drinking my agave spirits neat with a side of sparkling water, or precisely mixed into a tequila martini or a mezcal negroni!

As Brand Ambassador, Jon will be working closely with the Mangrove team, and all are excited for the learning opportunities that Jon’s appointment will undoubtedly bring!

Nick Gillett, Managing Director of Mangrove said of Jon’s appointment:

The tequila and mezcal markets have seen huge growth in UK off-trade, and it’s not slowing down – the tequila market alone is set to be worth 15.5 billion by 2029.

So, it’s safe to say it’s an exciting time for the Casa Lumbre team and we at Mangrove are very much looking forward to learning from Jon’s in-depth knowledge of agave spirits!”