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May 20th is World Bee Day. To highlight the importance of bees, the founders of Avallen Calvados, Stephanie Jordan and Tim Etherington-Judge, will donate €0.50 for every bottle sold to local organisations that work tirelessly to protect bee populations around the world such as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust in the UK.

With the launch of Avallen Calvados, the two former Diageo global brand ambassadors, have set out to build a brand that not only excites the taste buds but also allows people to ‘pour with purpose’ in aid of an important cause.

‘Bee-ing positive never tasted this delicious! We wanted create a brand that goes beyond traditional sustainability to have a net positive impact upon our environment. Creating an apple-based product, which supports bee populations, was the perfect place to start and combined with activations and POS that supports our #beepositive mission means we can hope to have a productive impact on bee populations around the world.’

Observed Tim Etherington-Judge, Co-founder Avallen Calvados

Wild bees are critical pollinators and their populations have been in dramatic decline over the past decade due to a combination of factors including habit loss, the rise of monocrop farming, increased pesticide use and climate change. Whilst the honeybee may get all the attention, the humble bumble bee, the shrill carder bee and the hardworking leafcutter bee are all at risk and consequently so are we.

To help reverse this decline and save the fuzzy little winged warriors that work tirelessly to pollinate our fruits and vegetables to ensure there is food in our bellies, Avallen Calvados has also committed to plant 10,000 flowering plants over the next 3 years to provide essential food for the wild bee populations.

Avallen Calvados is currently available in the UK and The Netherlands. The calvados is distributed in the UK by specialist premium spirits importer and distributer, Mangrove UK.