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Founder of Healthy Hospo, Tim Etherington-Judge and Wine & Spirits Specialist, Stephanie Jordan, are set to launch Avallen Calvados, a new purpose-driven spirit brand this spring. The calvados will be distributed in the UK by specialist premium spirits importer and distributer, Mangrove UK.

Born out of a shared passion for traditional spirits and sustainable products, Avallen Calvados has been founded with the intention to re-ignite Calvados, one of the world’s great brandies, whilst having a positive impact on the wild bee populations in the markets where it is sold.

Founders JORDAN and ETHERINGTON-JUDGE, both former faces of two of Diageo’s most successful RESERVE brands, explain that Calvados is by far one of the most sustainable spirits in the world. It is made from over 300 varieties of apples and pears, cultivated in a well-orchestrated eco-system whereby the orchards, cows, birds and bees work in perfect harmony. It is this biodiversity that inspired them to build a programme to help sustain bee populations around the world with their #BeePositive message, donating €0.50 of profit for every bottle sold to organisations dedicated to restoring and protecting this critically important insect. To further aid the forever global decline of bee populations, Avallen has committed to a three year initiative to plant 100,000 wild flowers across the globe.

To coincide with the apple trees coming into blossom and signalling the start of the birth of the season’s apples Avallen Calvados will launch in May 2019 in selected European markets and the UK.

Avallen’s liquid is fresh, fruity and proudly apple forward in its flavour profile. A Calvados AOC aged in French oak barrels for 2 years and bottled at 40% ABV with no added sugar, caramel or boisé. It is made from nothing buy real apples, water and time. Ultimately an accessible yet high-quality liquid, Avallen Spirits aims to shake up the global spirits market and bring Calvados forward into speedrails and cocktail menus of bars around the world.

Jordan states: ‘Avallen Calvados exists not only to promote the amazing native spirit of Northern France but also to give bartenders the opportunity to ‘pour with purpose’ and know that every drink served is contributing to improving bio-diversity around the world.

Etherington-Judge explains: ‘At Avallen Spirits we want to prove that a spirits brand can both be profitable and beneficial to our planet by raising awareness of the dramatic decline of the world’s bee population and supporting projects and research to help protect the future of the most important of insects to our global food chain.’

Nick Gillett, Managing Director, Mangrove UK, adds: ‘UK consumers want to enjoy the best of flavours and tastes in their alcohol consumption. But increasingly they want to ensure that this is done in an ethical and sustainable way, supporting innovative brands which put sustainability at the heart of everything they do. Avallen is a terrific calvados, ripe for the UK market and we’re delighted to be supporting Tim and Stephanie and applaud their determination to have a positive impact on the bee population.”

The name Avallen derives from Old Cornish, a language that existed during the period (800–1200) and means ‘Apple Tree’. There are strong ties between Cornwall and Normandy, including the iconic locations of St Michaels Mount and Mont St Michel. Avalon, meaning ‘Isle of Apples’ derivatives from Avallen.

Avallen Spirits is a company with environmental positivity at its core. The bottle has been selected for its bartender friendliness but also because it is one the lightest bottles on the market with a reduced carbon footprint from shipping and the label is printed on recycled apple pulp paper (the rest of the pulp is distributed to dairy farmers to feed their herds) using only vegetal dies minimizing the impact on the environment. Avallen Calvados is produced in La Manche region of France, who’s local council have been pesticide free since 2016.