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Mangrove Global and Bounty Rum want to bring the flavour of Saint Lucia to rum-lovers across the UK – and we’re not just talking about the spirit. We’re running a series of dominoe tournaments up and down the country, with the winning team securing a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the island itself. So, the question is – are you ready to party, Caribbean style?

The island of Saint Lucia and Bounty Rum

In Saint Lucia, you’ll find Bounty behind every bar – it’s as good as the island’s national drink! Bright red and yellow painted rum shacks sport the Bounty brand colours, fuelling the Carnival spirit that revels across the island.

Distilled in the valleys, Bounty rums are produced from Caribbean molasses, bringing flavours of spiced vanilla, ripe sultana fruit, and burnt coconut – a true feast for the senses. The signature serve for any Bounty rum is simple and delicious: a generous shot topped up with Coca-Cola to create a Bounty and Coke.

The island itself is known for its dramatic landscape, warm sandy beaches, and hospitable atmosphere. With coral reefs and rainforests bursting with life – visitors are encouraged to find their sense of adventure and not to take life too seriously. That’s, ‘the spirit of Saint Lucia’ – the brand ethos, and it’s poured into every bottle of Bounty.

The rules

Those who wish to enter needed to attend one of our national heats in Manchester, Glasgow or London – and you don’t need to be a dominoes pro to enter, we’ll teach you on the night! Teams should consist of two players, one of whom should work behind the bar. Most importantly, make sure your team mate is the person you want to holiday with – because that’s who you’ll be taking to Saint Lucia if you win!

The winning team of each national heat will then play in the final, with one lucky pair flying off to sun themselves in Saint Lucia’s glorious tropics.

The Glasgow and Manchester for March have now closed, the London heat will take place this Tuesday 26th March at The Burlock Rum Room, Duke Street, from 7 – 10pm.

The London bar domino slots are full but if you’re in the trade come on down and enjoy a rum and coke on us!  No RSVP required and keep your eye out for future dates.

Entry is free and all participants must be of a legal drinking age (18+).

Ready to party?