Kinahan's Irish Whiskey

A Pioneer and traditionally one of the most popular Irish Whiskeys!

Kinahan's Irish Whiskey was founded in 1779 by Daniel Kinahan on Trinity Street, Dublin. In 1807, The Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Charles Lennox was so impressed with the whiskey that he demanded all barrels at the Kinahan's cellars must be kept for his private use marked with the "L.L." mark. The unique L.L. trademark still adjourns each and every bottle.

In 1863, Kinahan's L.L. whiskey became the first legally protected whisey brand in the world. Trading internationally it was the only Irish whiskey to ever recieve Royal Warrants of Appointment, by Queen Victoria in 1886 and King Edward VII in 1901.

In 1880s Jerry Thomas (the father of American Mixology), becomes one of the biggest fans and ambassadors for Kinahan's L.L. whiskey in the U.S publishing his signature recipes using Kinahan's L.L. in his "Guide On How To Mix Drinks (1864)."

The brand was not supplied to the market since the middle of last century, as following the Prohibition in the US the Kinahan family decided to take a break in trading.

Having reopened its trade in 2014 Kinahan's L.L. revives exactly what is was famous for - the skilful maturation and blending techniques. Kinahan's L.L. acquires some of the best casks of matured and maturing Irish whiskey, undertakes ageing, cask finishing, blending and bottling to create some of the world's finest quality, artesian Irish whiskey expressions.

Tasting Notes

The resulting product is a multi-layered, spirit with delicate aromas, overlaying the unusually mellow, malty, full flavoured character, which made Kinahan's L.L. whiskey so popular for over a century. The Single Malt is thick and fruity, with a hint of grapefruit in the background. Whereas, the Premium Blend is sweet and floral with vanilla and a hint of chocolate.